Up for a challenge?

I have been on and off following the Fat Mum Slim‘s ‘Photo a Day Challenge’ on Instagram. Every month, Chantelle uploads a new list of words, or ‘cues’  every month for her followers to get creative. The idea is to take to word given and find something to take a photo of that relates to that word. Sounds simple right? I’m sure you can find a heap of things to take photos of where you are right now…. but it actually gets the creative juices flowing. And some cues aren’t as easy as others.

If you wish to follow along, check out her blog post to gain more of an understanding of how this challenge works.

And here is a list of the May Photo Challenge:

May Photo A Day list 2014


At the end of every week, I will upload my photos. I will warn you, I am not the best photographer, and only use my iPhone 5. So bear with me!

Stay tuned for more!