Children and TV

I stumbled across this sobering YouTube video, presented by Paediatrician, researcher and father Dimitri Christakis. He presents the dangers of over stimulation on the brains of children before the age of 3.

He found that the more television children watched before the age of 3, the more likely they were to have attention problems at school than those who watched none. For every hour of television watched per day, children were 10% more likely to have attention problems.

These facts worry me, as I have seen time and time again with family and friends, they plonk their kids down in front of the TV. The ‘babysitter’ as some refer to it. I know that I will not be doing this with my children.  Gorwing up I was limited to 1 hour of TV a day… And this stood up until I was 12! My brother and I grew up on a farm and found ways to amuse our selves. Go outside and ride bikes, explore along the creek, or follow the cattle tracks through the paddocks to see where they go. I remember this was so much fun as a child. I want my children to do the same. Come home filthy dirty and have learnt something — how to be a kid.

Check out the video of Dimitri Christakis: