2nd nomination


Since I have already done my round, I thought I would answer the questions asked by Waiting in Sunshine
Thank you for the nomination 🙂 xx

Where was your favorite vacation? well we went to New Zealand when I was nearly 2 but I don’t remember it. Since then we haven’t been on any holidays, but I really enjoyed the weekend M and I spent in Adelaide.
Guilty pleasure? Old Jamaican rum and rasin chocolate, online shopping (when I can afford it)
Favorite romantic movie? dear john. And the book made me cry too.
Favorite comedy movie? hmmm death at a funeral (uk)
What gives you peace (physical object/location/person)? my Bears of Hope bear, being outside in the sun, the beach
Big pet peeve? cutting me off in conversation, lying, treating me like I’m an idiot.
What’s something on your bucket list that you have done? tattoos
Favorite band/song right now? foo fighters
Favorite piece of clothing/jewelry? clothing – blazer. Jewelry – all my jewelry for my son.
What are you most proud of yourself for? not giving in. My education.
Where were you born? Geelong, Australia.