Autumn & Winter

I thought I would share some of my favorite Autumn and Winter looks. Being a uni student, I tend to dag around in hoodies and trackies. But when I leave the house, I try to feel and look a bit more put together. I use Pinterest as a constant source of inspiration in every aspect of my world. So, without further ado…

White on white on white: via

white on white


Striped cardigan, black jeans: via

Lauren Conrad **

Buy it here! Urban Outfitters

Blazer, Jeans and Leopard Print: via


Chunky knit scarf: via Charm and Allure

Leather layers Scarf Season #fall #winter


Trench coat: via Bridgette Nicole


Comfy winter boots: via SalonThesis

Leggings, wool socks, boots


These are the staples of my winter wardrobe. I add layers here and there, but the one thing we need the most down here is something to break the wind!  Hope you all stay toasty warm this winter!