Today is my sister in laws birthday. Her first birthday in heaven. This time last year we were meant to be celebrating her 28th birthday, when she fell ill with a pulmonary embolism. Unfortunately, after 3 day sin ICU, she passed, leaving 3 little girls, a loving husband and her family behind to mourn her passing.
The tears are uncontrollable today.

It is also my first day of placement. I am in aged care for 2 weeks, then off to acute care for 2 weeks. Today was a big struggle. And to add to the stress, my university is making it so difficult for me to take 2 days off this week to be with my partner, so he isn’t alone on the anniversary of the death of his sister.  I am so frustrated and annoyed at how uptight they are being. I know they have rules, but sheesh! Give me  a break!

I really just want to be with M, and cry.
The pain is overwhelming.

RIP Michelle. xxx