Get Fit

I have had a realisation… well one that I already knew. After the loss of my son, I let my fitness slip. I tried to get back into it but the motivation for it just wasn’t there. To be honest, the motivation for anything wasn’t there. The months have crawled by and before I knew it, here I am in May and no fitter than what I was last November. fitness has always been a big part of my life. I have played sports all through school. Typical tom-boy right here!

Therefore, I am going to start my fitness journey again, and track my progress on my blog. I will be sharing  inspiration that I find and workouts that u am using. I won’t be a gym junkie, mainly because I can’t afford a gym membership right now, so everything that I do will be at home or out and about, with basic equipment that I own.

I don’t weigh my self. So there will be no numbers floating around. Instead, I will be working on muscle tone, and mass.

To kick things off, I will share some inspiration. Later in the week I will post my before photos!

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P.s. You can follow my Pinterest board, where I will be updating with inspiration!