3000 words

First of all… I apologise for that close up of my face.
Second, I apologise for being absent. I am currently working on an assignment that is draining the life out of me. 3000 words of blah.

Here is the topic of which I have to write about…

Critically discuss the challenges that may be encountered by the new graduate nurse/ midwife in one of the following areas within this domain:

1. Practicing within an evidence-based framework
2. Participating in ongoing professional development of self and others
Provide strategies that would enable the new graduate nurse/midwife to meet the requirements of this aspect of the Critical Thinking and Analysis domain. Discussion of challenges and strategies must be supported by the literature.


Uni, I will be so glad to see the end of you.

Don’t know where those images are sourced, but they were on my facebook and made me chuckle. So relevant right now.