Maternity clothing

Anna Saccone: Maternity Style

Why does maternity clothing make you look like a  sack of potatoes? A lot of it is HIDEOUS! I am 25, with a growing bump. I love my body — I don’t want to hide it!

One thing I really enjoyed while pregnant with our first baby, was looking for cute and stylish maternity clothing… or anything that would fit over a bump. I needed maternity jeans from about 9 weeks! It was really uncomfortable to have any pressure on my belly.
And for that reason, I have started to look again for some affordable, stylish maternity jeans.

My first stop for anything is always Asos. I knew they had a maternity section, so I decided to check it out again! Here are my top picks: (Clik on each image to go to the Asos site)

I have a board on my Pinterest, of outfit ideas for when my bump becomes bigger. I am always adding to this board, and I know in the next few weeks, I will definitely need to invest in maternity jeans. It’s already becoming uncomfortable to wear tight clothing.

There is a part of me that is scared, and want to wait until after the 12 week scan. Last time this was when we found out there was something wrong with our son. So, naturally, I am a little apprehensive about this date.

Photo credits: Anna Saccone, Asos