When I get crafty, I like to make little tokens for our home. A while ago I decided to create some gold infused decor for our home. As we are using the fire place now, and in a new house, I want to mount these over the fire place, or above the little sacred place I want to create.

There are so many different ideas you can recreate. Pinterest is a great place for that! 🙂

All you need is:

  • Gold paint
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Wooden letters

Tape up the letters and remove every other strip. Make sure the tape is stuck firm. I painted 2 layers of gold paint, as one wasn’t gold enough. Wait for the paint to dry and remove the tape. Voila!

I got the paint and letters from Spotlight. Only cost me about $21. Tape I got from Bunnings and cost about $7.

I love it and so does M! 🙂

Here are some other letter/monogram inspiration I found. Click on the pictures to follow to the website.

Met een leuk stofje beplakken!


stenciled monogram


Autumn and Winter decor

In an attempt to tie over time between shifts in the nursing home, I am giving Pinterest a work out. Which is why I thought I would share some images I am currently crushing on. So without further ado…

Maison Laffitte

Swing bed

So cozy looking

candles and pillows :)

photos: menossifotografo, vtwonen,, the rustic archives,


Under the candle light

For all those who follow me on Pinterst, you will know that I am a huge fan of pinning images featuring home decor.
Here in Australia, we have moved into Autumn (Fall). For me, this symbolises warm days and cool nights. As a student, my go to pieces to ‘autumnise’ my room and house is candles. I cannot get enough candles! However, if you are wanting to invest in these, please make sure they are soy candles. They are natural and do not release any toxic, harmful chemicals into the air when they burn…. I’m looking at you, parafin.

Do your self a favor and get on to the Willaura Candle Company. They make handmade soy candles and they are so delicious. Trust me, they are perfection! You can contact them, here.

She sells sea shells…

I love sea shells around my home, and I love the beach. So, I try and incorporate these into my decor. While I am on a student budget, I source these things for my self.

 This vase of sand and shells is very special to me. I got these from Nelson. To cut a long story short, the day after M and I found out the bad news about our son, we went to the beach in Nelson. This was the only place I felt like it was the 3 of us. We went there to all be together… Oh, and our dog, Titan, tagged along.
Therefore, I wanted to take a part of this place with me, where ever I go. I will always have another part of my son with me.

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