Career: Graduate Nurse Interviews

I had my first interview last Monday (25th of August) in Ballarat at the base hospital. It was the first of 3 that I have.  I wasn’t nervous until I drove into Ballarat and realised shit was getting real! The interview consisted of a group interview which was more like a ‘get to know you’ type thing, and then a 15 minute individual interview.

The individual interview was nerve wracking! They asked questions like:

  • what are the personality traits of a professional?
  • how would your friends describe you in 3 words?
  • what would you do if a visitor collapsed in front of you?
  • what would you do if you had a patient with a BSL of 2.5?
  • what is reflective practice and how have you used it?
  • what are your legal rights around medication administration?

I thought they were good questions, because they assessed your clinical knowledge, but also put everyone on an even playing field because they weren’t really questions that you could prepare for, and made you think about the answers carefully.

For Ballarat, there were 250 applicants, 100 interviews and there are 40 positions for nurses. So I think I did pretty well to get into the top 100!

I have my next interview on Friday for the Warrnambool Base Hospital, and the following Monday I have my biggest and most important interview, at Barwon Health in Geelong. They are my first preference and would cry with happiness if I got a position there!

Fingers crossed!

XO Kate



See Squared

If my blog had digital cobwebs, I just spent 10 minutes dusting them off. I almost forgot I had a blog. Well, not really. But it sure as shit would seem that way. There’s been something on my mind long enough to warrant me putting my rant hat back on (it’s never far from reach) & deciding it was time. Time to write about something that’s fucking ridiculous (in my opinion).

“10 steps to a better relationship!”, “How to never fight with your partner again”, “How to be the perfect couple”. Obviously, I’m not here to give relationship advice per se. I’m here to have a critical look at what this relationship-angst phenomenon really is. We’re fucking bombarded with this shit. Seriously. As if body image & health & sexuality & all the other god damn things in life didn’t provide us with enough to worry about on a…

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Study: It’s The Final Countdown

Yep… That time of the year has rolled around again. It’s my last semester of study before I am a registered nurse. This semester is sure to bring the emotional meltdowns, delirious laughter and copious amounts of tea, but I know it will be worth it. I am so close to the finish line… This is my final 50 meter sprint!

I have a pretty heavy workload this semester, but I will endeavour to update my blog at least twice a week.

I cannot wait to be a nurse!

Is anyone else studying? I’d love to know how you are going with it!

XO Kate

Laugh Out Loud: Reasons My Son Is Crying

I stumbled upon this Tumblr this morning. It is a good laugh. Those who have been around children know that they can cry at the drop of a hat, over some truly hilarious things. Check out the blog, here.

I loved these ones:

"We dropped his urine specimen off at the lab. He wanted to keep it."Submitted By: Melinda N.
Location: Ohio, United States

“We dropped his urine specimen off at the lab. He wanted to keep it.”Submitted By: Melinda N.Location: Ohio, United States

"I told her she has a big brain but she wants to have a small brain."Submitted By: Trevor C.
Location: Maryland, United States

“I told her she has a big brain but she wants to have a small brain.”Submitted By: Trevor C.Location: Maryland, United States

"Her brother blamed her for his fart."Submitted By: Candice S.
Location: New York, United States

“Her brother blamed her for his fart.”Submitted By: Candice S.Location: New York, United States


Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

XO Kate

Food For Thought: How To Begin Your Day

Lauren Conrad is possibly the only celebrity who has influenced me beyond anyone else.
I have followed her since her days on Laguna Beach, and through her time on The Hills.

Today I thought I would share some wise words from the fabulous lady.


“The following qualities are ones that we should think about each morning as we get ready for the day because just as important as the products we apply and the clothing we select are the characteristics we carry with us.
First, kindness. Be kind to others. It is such a simple concept. Such a simple principle, yet not always lived out. We can work to be kind in the small things, in knowing we have the power to change a person’s entire day, just by a small compliment, an act of kindness or even a smile.
Second, patience. A patient person takes the time to understand others. It’s important to work toward treating others as we would want to be treated.
Third, compassion. It is not just about having empathy for someone, but also trying to help him or her. It’s trying to understand someone before judging.
Fourth, grace. Think Audrey Hepburn. To have grace is to carry ourselves with allure and poise. To treat others with respect and be aware of their feelings.
Fifth, loyalty. A loyal person isn’t just present while things are going well, but also when things are difficult. They are dependable and there when it counts.”
– Lauren Conrad


Shutter Speed: The Rule of Thirds

When I found out about this little trick a few years ago, I was blown away. How had I not learnt about this sooner? It changed the way I looked at taking photographs and the way I viewed others.
The following explanation comes from Digital Photography School. So without further a do…

What is the “Rule of Thirds?”
The rule of thirds is a technique used by photographers to create balance and composition.

The view is divided up into 9 squares. 2 vertical lines, 2 horizontal lines. These lines break the image up into thirds.


The idea is to place a horizontal line, like the horizon, on a horizontal line on the grid. This can be the top or bottom one, depending on what you think looks better, or what you are wanting to capture.

The same principle applied for vertical lines.

Don’t freak out, you can take the rule a step further.
See where the lines intersect? These are called “Power Points” You can place your subject on one of these intersections. This naturally draws the eye to the subject. The majority of people are more inclined to focus on the top left point, FYI!
This is what I mean….

The shell in on the bottom left power point, drawing you eye towards it. Just makes the photo look more… professional, don’t you think? Also, the horizon is roughly on the top third line, adding to the composition of the photo.

This principle is also important in post production. For example, when I upload my photos to Instagram, I follow this principle. Similarly, when I am editing on my computer, and cropping, this principle is invaluable.

All photo apps that I use have the option to have this grid on the screen. Have a look in the settings of the app!

Don’t forget, rules are meant to be broken. Some stunning photos have been captured by breaking the rules.

My rule of thumb, is take a heap of photos, and take your time. I take photos and use all of the lines and power points to try get the best looking photo.  Don’t worry if they don’t look right on your phone… you would be surprised what you can do when you get home to edit them! I love the crop tool!

This is just one of the many photography tips I have learned, and will be sharing. Next time you take a photo, pause and remember this fancy little trick!

Do you have any photography tips that you want to share? Or any you want to learn how to do? Let me know in the comments and I will endeavor to try them our and deliver my verdict!

Happy Snapping!

XO Kate