Catch Up

Wow, what a semester! It has gone so fast. I can’t believe I am already at the end of my nursing degree.
Last Friday I submitted my last assignment. What a relief that was!
So from now on, until the 14th I am studying for my LAST exam!
Also, on the 14th, I find out if I have a job next year! Such a nervous wait. I am inpatient with things like this.

So, since I have been absent lately, I thought I would provide you with a quick summary of what I have been up to…

  • Moved back in with my mum
  • Got a new job at a restaurant I used to work at
  • M and I broke up
  • Hiking up Mt Napier with my sister
  • Working on the farm
  • Studying
  • Taking some time for my self

After exams, I have a 5 week placement. I will endeavour to keep you all updated on what happens from here on out.

XO Kate


Career: Graduate Nurse Interviews

I had my first interview last Monday (25th of August) in Ballarat at the base hospital. It was the first of 3 that I have.  I wasn’t nervous until I drove into Ballarat and realised shit was getting real! The interview consisted of a group interview which was more like a ‘get to know you’ type thing, and then a 15 minute individual interview.

The individual interview was nerve wracking! They asked questions like:

  • what are the personality traits of a professional?
  • how would your friends describe you in 3 words?
  • what would you do if a visitor collapsed in front of you?
  • what would you do if you had a patient with a BSL of 2.5?
  • what is reflective practice and how have you used it?
  • what are your legal rights around medication administration?

I thought they were good questions, because they assessed your clinical knowledge, but also put everyone on an even playing field because they weren’t really questions that you could prepare for, and made you think about the answers carefully.

For Ballarat, there were 250 applicants, 100 interviews and there are 40 positions for nurses. So I think I did pretty well to get into the top 100!

I have my next interview on Friday for the Warrnambool Base Hospital, and the following Monday I have my biggest and most important interview, at Barwon Health in Geelong. They are my first preference and would cry with happiness if I got a position there!

Fingers crossed!

XO Kate

Moving Day: The Hard Way To Learn How Much Crap You Have

Yep, I am moving again. My housemate is deferring uni and is moving out, so I am moving too. I cannot afford to stay in Port Fairy alone. I am becoming a resident of Hamilton (again…). See, my family lives in Hamilton, and I am moving into the wool shed. Don’t worry, half of it was converted into a 2 bedroom unit a few years back. I jokingly said when it was being transformed that I wanted to live in there… Well, now I am!

Tomorrow is moving day. All my worldly possessions are being loaded up into Mum’s horse float, and the old Volvo is being loaded up with the rest of my small stuff, and off we go.

I still have uni, so I will be travelling to Warrnambool from Hamilton, which is just over an hour. But classes are becoming less so it won’t be 4 days a week of driving (thank god).

When I am moved in and set up, I plan on taking a few photos to share with you all on my new pad!

I better get back to packing!

XO Kate

Skin: Acne and Sensitivity

Ok, this post is about my skin. My backward, up-and-down skin.
From puberty to now, acne has been my worst enemy. I was on a contraceptive pill since I was 15 to control it… nothing else was working. It worked wonders (even thought the odd one got through from time to time). Since my two pregnancies, I haven’t been using it again… and my acne has exploded in the last 3 months or so(face, chest and back… ergh!). So, I decided to go back on the pill. I am 15 days in, and my acne is worse now than when I decided to go back on it… which is normal. It takes about 3 months for the pill to really take a-hold and even everything out.

I also have sensitive skin. Yep, its like another nail in my tiny skin coffin. This fact alone has stopped me from using a lot of topical creams and ointments, as well as all the fang-dangle acne washes. I recently bought a product that is designed to reduce oil production, and is ‘natural’ products, with no parabens. I thought, “brilliant! this might actually work…” 3 days in and I have noticed some redness on my face…. Brilliant. And FYI: ‘spot testing’ doesn’t work for me. every area of my skin is different, and generally takes 2-3 exposures for a reaction to occur.

So, I thought I would share my progress pictures, to show you all how my skin is improving (ever so slowly!). I apologise for the massively unflattering photos of my face, I was trying to get the right angles… 😛

IMG_7324 IMG_7330 IMG_7329 IMG_7328 IMG_7327 IMG_7326 IMG_7325

Skin: What Your Acne is Telling You

Acne is something I have ALWAYS struggled with… and still do. I will post about my acne in a few days time 🙂


While your eyes may be the window to your soul, your skin is the window into your body. Believe it or not, the location and type of break out you’re dealing with can tell you a lot about how you can treat it!

The wonderful thing about Ayurvedic medicine is that it aims to fix the cause, not the effect. Instead of trying to cover up and quickly treat acne spots, holistic medicine says that the goal should be to cure rather than conceal.
Where are your breakouts located?


Upper Zone Acne: The forehead, eyebrows, and temples.
Cause: Typically stems from internal dryness: digestion issues, dehydration, and stress.
Treatment: Drink plenty of water to keep the skin plump and healthy rather than dull and bumpy. Do moderate exercise to reduce stress. Moisturize even if you are oily: moisture calms inflammation and will reduce acne on the forehead…

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Robin Williams

It saddens me that one of my childhood favorites has passed away. I remember watching his movies as a child, and through into my adulthood and thinking, “How did he get so funny?”. I think I was one of the few people who actually watched The Crazy Ones, just to watch him.

Jumanji was without a doubt my favorite movie as a kid. My brother and I would watch it on VHS. I remember sitting and waiting for what felt like an eternity for the tape to rewind (and then we got hi-speed rewind!!) so we could watch it again. While I didn’t understand all his jokes growing up, I always laughed. Robin had a quality about his that made him funny and accessible to people of all ages.

He openly commented about his depression, and his struggle with drugs and alcohol. This tragedy goes to show that even the happiest people aren’t always happy on the inside. I know I can relate to this notion.

It saddens me that in the moments surrounding his death, he was alone. And perhaps he felt that he had no one to lean on… It’s one of those ideas: you can be surrounded by people and still be alone.

We are all fighting our own inner demons. and it is important to acknowledge that, and support each other.

The tragedy behind this photo, is that it was taken last year when he was 62 years old. Robin was asked:

Most looking forward to: “Grandchildren. I can’t wait to see how my son does as a father. Revenge will be mine!”

For anyone that is struggling with the death of Robin, or the death of a loved one, or struggling within them selves; please contact someone you can trust. There is always someone out there who cares, and who can help.

Life line: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

Headspace: 1800 650 890

MensLine: 1300 78 99 78

SANE: 1800 18 7263

Support After Suicide: for those who are bereaved by suicide

Please seek support if you are struggling.

Photo by Mark Mann
Source :Esquire