Catch Up

Wow, what a semester! It has gone so fast. I can’t believe I am already at the end of my nursing degree.
Last Friday I submitted my last assignment. What a relief that was!
So from now on, until the 14th I am studying for my LAST exam!
Also, on the 14th, I find out if I have a job next year! Such a nervous wait. I am inpatient with things like this.

So, since I have been absent lately, I thought I would provide you with a quick summary of what I have been up to…

  • Moved back in with my mum
  • Got a new job at a restaurant I used to work at
  • M and I broke up
  • Hiking up Mt Napier with my sister
  • Working on the farm
  • Studying
  • Taking some time for my self

After exams, I have a 5 week placement. I will endeavour to keep you all updated on what happens from here on out.

XO Kate


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