Moving Day: The Hard Way To Learn How Much Crap You Have

Yep, I am moving again. My housemate is deferring uni and is moving out, so I am moving too. I cannot afford to stay in Port Fairy alone. I am becoming a resident of Hamilton (again…). See, my family lives in Hamilton, and I am moving into the wool shed. Don’t worry, half of it was converted into a 2 bedroom unit a few years back. I jokingly said when it was being transformed that I wanted to live in there… Well, now I am!

Tomorrow is moving day. All my worldly possessions are being loaded up into Mum’s horse float, and the old Volvo is being loaded up with the rest of my small stuff, and off we go.

I still have uni, so I will be travelling to Warrnambool from Hamilton, which is just over an hour. But classes are becoming less so it won’t be 4 days a week of driving (thank god).

When I am moved in and set up, I plan on taking a few photos to share with you all on my new pad!

I better get back to packing!

XO Kate


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