Get Fit: Run Melbourne

Over the weekend, my little sister and I ran our first 5km race. It was so much fun, and I have definitely caught the racing bug.
As many of you know, I am training to run 10km. I didn’t have any race planned before I started this. All I had was an end date to do it by: September 11, 2014. I had 100 days to learn to run 10kms. Kinda sounds a little crazy right?

After my 5km race, I decided I was serious about this running thing, and am looking at signing up for the 10km race at the Melbourne Marathon on October 12, 2014. It’s a month after my dead line, so I figure I can train to run further in that month and smash out the 10km race!

Running is proving to have so many benefits! I am fitter, I am mentally healthier, physically healthier, and my legs and booty are slimming down and toning up (WIN!!).

If any one is interested in starting their running journey, check out this post about the apps that I use to spur me along!

I thought I would share a few snaps from the day of my sister and I.


XO Kate

On the train to Melbourne

Timing tags are on!

Race Numbers

Race bib and medal

We are super proud of out medals

A bit of fun after the race


Study: It’s The Final Countdown

Yep… That time of the year has rolled around again. It’s my last semester of study before I am a registered nurse. This semester is sure to bring the emotional meltdowns, delirious laughter and copious amounts of tea, but I know it will be worth it. I am so close to the finish line… This is my final 50 meter sprint!

I have a pretty heavy workload this semester, but I will endeavour to update my blog at least twice a week.

I cannot wait to be a nurse!

Is anyone else studying? I’d love to know how you are going with it!

XO Kate

Primp: Winter Hair

winter hair care


Winter hair is not much fun. My colour changes, and my hair gets dry and unruly… Much like it is in Summer. I have stumbled upon tips and tricks over the last few years, and tested them out. Some work better than others and I thought I would share some of the love, and help a sister out who might be looking for a new strategy to tame her tresses.

So, without further ado, here is what I use:

1. Coconut Oil (Photo:

I use coconut oil on my mane all year round. It is a natural hair treatment that helps to lock in moisture and restore integrity to your hair. I apply it to damp or dry hair, from the midshaft down. Put my hair up in a bun and place a shower cap on. The heat of my head helps to stimulate the oil’s movement into the hair. Alternatively, you can sit in the sun, or in front of the fire/heater. I leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Double shampoo and condition to remove excess oil. Repeat a couple of times a week and you will notice changes from the get-go. I also use coconut oil on my skin. You can check out the benefits, here.

2. Redken Real Control Intense Renew Super Moisturizing Mask (Photo: Amazon)

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Mask, 8.5 Ounce

This. OMG. I started using this once a week, last winter. It smells divine, and really does work. I noticed a change in my hair straight away. Replenishes moisture and integrity to hair, and leaves it smooth and shiny. I apply to the bleached sections of my hair, as I find they need it the most. Leave on for about 15 minutes and wash out.  This product always has really good reviews. Definitely worth trying it out!

3. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew (Photo: John Frieda)

Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo

This shampoo keeps my blonde on tone and not brassy or yellow. Generally, during summer I don’t need to use this as often as the sun bleaches my hair. However, during winter my hair changes so much! This shampoo, along with most purple shampoos, will really help keep your blonde bright and fresh!

4. TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner (Photo: Unilever)

I use this Shampoo and Conditioner duo in winter to help replenish moisture levels and protect my hair from the elements. I love TRESemme, and my hair responds really well to it. I stock up when it’s on sale or even better, half price!  It leaves my hair smooth and soft, and smells amazing. Also, I wash my hair every 2nd day, in an attempt to help lock in natural oils to condition my hair.

5. Top knot and/or beanie (Photo: Cupofte, Lauren Conrad)

Protecting you hair from the elements is crucial in winter. When venturing out side for extended periods I tie my hair up, of cover with a beanie. I find that this does help to reduce moisture loss and reduces dryness.


Do you have any tips on taming your tresses during these frozen months? Let me know! I’d love to try them out!

XO Kate

*** I am not associated with these companies. All opinions expressed are my own ***

Get Fit: My Favorite Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are a great tool to use when working out. Not only are some a personal trainer in your pocket, but also the motivation that you need.
Here is a list of the apps that I use, and love!

1. RunKeeper (iTunes: Free)
iPhone Screenshot 1
I use run keeper to track where I run, my average pace, elevation, time and distance. You are able to change the settings to have it talk to you and let you know your progress while running, and set reminders during the week. You are able to track runs, walks, hikes, bike rides and so much more. Also compatible with any music apps you are using. You also have to option of in-app purchases to gain insight into your workouts, if you are a little more serious about this business, or purchase training programs in the app. All round, this is a brilliant app for my needs.

2. 10k Runner (iTunes: AUD$4.99)

iPhone Screenshot 2
I use this one simultaneously with RunKeeper to train to run my 10kms. This app is strictly a program. It speaks to you and tells you when to run and walk, and is compatible with music apps. Offers encouragement through badges that you can earn by completing the program. All it takes is 3 days a week! It is definitely working for me!

3. Nike Training Club (iTunes: Free)

iPhone Screenshot 2
Quite possibly the most comprehensive personal trainer app that I have ever had. You have the option of getting lean, toned, strong or, focused. Within these is the option of beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. The workouts are guided and really do work. Perfect for those who have little to no equipment. While some do have equipment, like a medicine ball, you can do it without.  Works well with music apps, and can be done at the gym or in the privacy of your own home. I love this app!

4. Tabata Timer (iTunes: AUD$3.79)

iPhone Screenshot 1
Tabata. Ah how I love to hate you. You bring a world of pain. However, it is the best workout you have ever had. I learned about this app when I was living in Geelong and training with a PT. This app keeps your timing in check. It talks to you and tells you when to work and when to rest. It is also fully customisable for rest time, work time and cycles. Works well with music apps, also. If you know how to tabata, this is the app for you. If you are wanting to learn what all the fuss is about, click here. For workouts, click here and here.

So these are the 4 apps that I love for fitness. There are literally thousands out there these days. It took experimenting with the apps to find which ones worked best for me.

I’d love to know which apps you love!

XO Kate
*** I am not associated with the companies of these apps. All opinions expressed are my own ***

Laugh Out Loud: Reasons My Son Is Crying

I stumbled upon this Tumblr this morning. It is a good laugh. Those who have been around children know that they can cry at the drop of a hat, over some truly hilarious things. Check out the blog, here.

I loved these ones:

"We dropped his urine specimen off at the lab. He wanted to keep it."Submitted By: Melinda N.
Location: Ohio, United States

“We dropped his urine specimen off at the lab. He wanted to keep it.”Submitted By: Melinda N.Location: Ohio, United States

"I told her she has a big brain but she wants to have a small brain."Submitted By: Trevor C.
Location: Maryland, United States

“I told her she has a big brain but she wants to have a small brain.”Submitted By: Trevor C.Location: Maryland, United States

"Her brother blamed her for his fart."Submitted By: Candice S.
Location: New York, United States

“Her brother blamed her for his fart.”Submitted By: Candice S.Location: New York, United States


Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

XO Kate

Food Fact: Which Yoghurt Is Better?

For all you who have stood in front of the yoghurt section and wondered “What’s the difference?”…. Well here it is.


The following was published on  Susie Burrell’s website and has attracted so much attention from her readers, that I thought it was worthy of sharing, to spread the word. Enjoy!

Ps. These are Australian Brands. Apologies to my international readers.

XO Kate


There are literally hundreds of yoghurts available in supermarkets, and the tiny labels on the back, along with differing serving sizes makes it almost impossible to determine which is the ‘best’ or ‘better’ choice.

The biggest difference between yoghurts is that there is an emerging range of Greek style yoghurts, along with a reduction in ‘diet’ yoghurts that have traditionally used sweetener to lower their kJ and sugar content. As a general rule of thumb, Greek style yoghurts are higher in protein, thanks to the straining process which sees excess whey removed, and results in thicker, stronger tasting yoghurt. Nutritionally this results in a better product and is also putting pressure on yoghurt producers to lighten the carb and sugar content of all yoghurts in general.

Overall, the results from this review are unlikely to surprise you, but it is always nice to see the numbers summarised, which is also likely to make a trip to the yoghurt section of the supermarket a lot quicker.  So let’s take a look at which yoghurt is healthiest.

All nutritionals are based per 100g.

Black Swan Vanilla Bean Greek Style Natural Yoghurt

410kJ / 7.7g protein / 13g carbs/ 6.5g sugars / 1.5g fat / 233mg calcium

With No Added Sugar, probiotics, lactose free and a massive 230mg calcium per serve Black Swan is a great choice in yoghurt. The protein content of Black Swan is a little lower than some other Greek style yoghurts but apart from that, it is still a very strong product nutritionally.

Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Blueberry Fields

620kJ/ 3.6g protein / 14.5g carbs/ 14,2g sugars / 8.5g fat / 131mg calcium

Available in both full fat and low fat varieties, Light and Creamy was a good yoghurt when it was first released but has now being superseded by a number of high protein, low sugar varieties of yoghurt.


370kJ / 4.9g protein / 13.5g carbs / 13.1g sugars / 1.5g fat / 180mg calcium

Marketed for the digestive benefits it offers thanks to its added probiotics, Activia still contains added sugars and it remains much lower in protein and higher in carbs than Greek style yoghurts available that still offer the benefits of probiotics.

five:am Organic Yoghurt Blueberry

353kJ / 4.7g protein / 12.9g carbs/ 12.6g sugars / 1.9g fat / 103mg calcium

I want to love this Aussie Organic yoghurt but it remains relatively high in added sugars and low in protein for it to sit on my favourites. A small serving size and great flavour though does boost its credibility for active people.

Evia Yoghurt

426kJ / 9.8g protein / 14.1g carbs / 11.5g sugars / 0.5g fat /? calcium 

There is a wide range to this brand, and some varieties are very strong nutritionally. The Greek style base mean that it is much higher in protein than regular yoghurt but the added sugar, which bumps up its carb content does take away from its credibility.

Chobani Plain 0% Greek Yoghurt

251kJ / 10.2g protein / 4.2g carbs / 3.8g sugars / 0g fat  / 114mg calcium

With just a couple of ingredients, almost 0 sugars and 10+g of protein per 100g, you cannot go wrong with the US’s No 1 yoghurt. Despite media reports, Chobani manufacturers here in Australia meaning than unlike US Chobani, this yoghurt is free from GMO’s. The only issue is that its strong flavour often sees individuals adding sugar (which kind of defeats the purpose) so to keep the + nutritional attributes, use vanilla or cinnamon to sweeten instead.

Vaalia Luscious Berries

389kJ  / 4.5g protein / 15.1g carbs / 14.8g sugars / 1.3g fat / 140mg calcium

One of the few lactose free yoghurts on the market and whilst it offers probiotics, it also contains added sugar and is relatively low in protein compared to natural or Greek yoghurt.

Danone Greek Yoghurt Blueberry

559kJ / 3g protein / 14.5g carbs / 14.0g sugars / 7g fat  / 130mg calcium

Thick tasty, full fat yoghurt but unless the nutritionals are incorrect, is very low in protein to be considered great Greek yoghurt.

Chobani Strawberry 0% Greek Yoghurt

348kJ  / 8.3g protein / 11.9g carbs / 11.1g sugars / 0g fat / 100mg calcium

Whilst the plain Chobani is a great choice, the fruit varieties still contain added sugars and for this reason are rated lower than that of some other yoghurt varieties.

Jalna Fat Free Natural Yoghurt

220kJ  / 5.3g protein / 7.4g carbs / 5.5g sugars / 0g fat / 170mg calcium

A calcium rich, Aussie favourite and a great alternative for those who do not like the taste of Greek yoghurt but whom also want a yoghurt low in sugars. A little light in protein so ideally teamed with some CHIA or protein powder to form a nutritionally balanced snack.

Gippsland  Dairy Blackberry & Pomegranate Fruit Yoghurt

614kJ / 5.3g protein / 18g carbs / 16.8g sugars / 5.8g fat / 153mg calcium

Another Aussie fav but one that is relatively high in added sugars and carbohydrates

COYO Natural Coconut Milk Yoghurt

901kJ  / 2.2g protein / 8.2g carbs / 7.4g sugars / 19.5g fat / ? calcium

Not really yoghurt given it is made from coconut milk but one which is gluten, dairy and soy free. Low in protein and total sugars, at $10 a tub and with 20g of fat per serve, there are few clients I could give this high energy product too on a regular basis without impacting their weight or cholesterol levels. A good option for vegans.

Jalna Berry Fruits Low Fat Creamy Yoghurt

446kJ / 5.3g protein / 10.8g carbs / 10.6g sugars / 4.5g fat / 170mg calcium

Relatively low in sugars for a fruit yoghurt and with no add sugar; this is my fruit yoghurt of choice if you do not like a Greek yoghurt. Also contains massive 170mg calcium per serve so great for women of all ages.

Barambah Organics All Natural Yoghurt

286kJ  / 4.7g protein / 4.7g carbs / 4.7g sugars / 3.4g fat / 170mg calcium

If I have a baby, this would be the yoghurt I would feed my own child. Contains only milk and probiotics and is low in everything except nutrition. Great teamed with fresh berries or fruit as a snack.

Tamar Valley Greek Yoghurt with Mixed Berry

283kJ / 5.5g protein / 7.4g carbs / 5.0g sugars / 1.6g fat / 179mg calcium 

The nutritionals of this yoghurt are strong, almost as strong as the Jalna fruit yoghurt BUT it contains sweetener, which I am not a fan of. But, if you do not mind a sweetener, this yoghurt is a good option nutritionally.

Barambah Organics Real Blueberry Yoghurt

288kJ  / 4.2g protein / 6.4g carbs / 6.4g sugars / 2.9g fat / 170mg calcium

Another Aussie gem which unlike the plain yoghurt does contain added sugar which bumps up its carb content slightly. Still nutritionally strong for fruit yoghurt and rated slightly lower than Jalna fruit yoghurt for this reason.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.52.00 AM

*Berry was the general flavour chosen across yoghurts compared

**Yoghurts selected were easily sourced at a local Woolworth’s supermarket

***The author of this article is not affiliated with any of these products, nor was she paid by any of these companies for product review


Food For Thought: How To Begin Your Day

Lauren Conrad is possibly the only celebrity who has influenced me beyond anyone else.
I have followed her since her days on Laguna Beach, and through her time on The Hills.

Today I thought I would share some wise words from the fabulous lady.


“The following qualities are ones that we should think about each morning as we get ready for the day because just as important as the products we apply and the clothing we select are the characteristics we carry with us.
First, kindness. Be kind to others. It is such a simple concept. Such a simple principle, yet not always lived out. We can work to be kind in the small things, in knowing we have the power to change a person’s entire day, just by a small compliment, an act of kindness or even a smile.
Second, patience. A patient person takes the time to understand others. It’s important to work toward treating others as we would want to be treated.
Third, compassion. It is not just about having empathy for someone, but also trying to help him or her. It’s trying to understand someone before judging.
Fourth, grace. Think Audrey Hepburn. To have grace is to carry ourselves with allure and poise. To treat others with respect and be aware of their feelings.
Fifth, loyalty. A loyal person isn’t just present while things are going well, but also when things are difficult. They are dependable and there when it counts.”
– Lauren Conrad