Holidays are here!

I apologise for my long hiatus. As some of you know I am in my last year of nursing, and I was so inundated with homework and study for exams, I lost track of what day it was!

Now I am on holidays so I thought I would update you all on what I am up to and what I have been doing.

  1. Chasing Balloons
    I am currently training to run 10k! I know, crazy right? Well it is for a good cause. Chasing Balloons is a 100 day challenge to complete along side others. It was created in honour of a girl I went to university with, who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia. the goal is to raise much needed funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, and the oncology wards for both the Royal Melbourne and Geelong hospitals. She received a bone marrow transplant from her sister, and the first 100 days are the most crucial, hence the 100 day challenge. I decided to go big and completely out of my comfort zone, to make the most of this challenge. I have been using a running app, 10km runner, to coach me through it. I am currently up to week 4 and I am finding now that it is starting to get hard! My mental strength is going to get a workout too! I am posting my progress to my instagram account!

    If you wish to donate, follow the link!

  2. Grad year applications
    In order to have a job next year, we have to start applying for them now. This is taking such a long time, and so much effort. I am applying all over Australia, so I need at least 20 copies of everything, as well as everything personalsed for each hospital….. BRAIN DRAIN!
  3. DIY
    I am a fan of DIY, isn’t everyone? I am seriously loving white at the moment. White furniture in particular. I have 3 wooden varnished bar stools that I am sanding back to paint white. It is taking a while because the varnish is a bit stubborn. But it is therapeutic! I am planning to make cushions to fix on top of them. Pinterest is a great place to seek inspiration!