To Breast Feed or Bottle Feed?

Over the years I have become aware of the debate; Breast feed, or Formula feed? My personal belief is that breast is best. But what if I can’t when it comes to do it? Will I feel comfortable filling my new born with formula that comes in a tin? I decided to share a few of the resources that I have found. that provoked thought into whether one was better than the other, or were they both valid forms of feeding a child?

Cherry Healey, from the UK is probably one of my favorite journos/reporters out there. She delves into whether breast feeding is better than bottle feeding, and meets with mothers who have made their decisions, and why. Definitely worth a look! Unfortunately, I cannot find the link for it anywhere on the internet. If you have Foxtel, I know it is shown on there from time to time

This link was shared on Facebook my a friend of mine who is a new mother. I had a read, and it poses a good question in relation to breast feeding and formula. You can find the article, here.

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Carly Marie

Healing. Colour. Light. Magic.


Carly Marie is a source of inspiration in the pregnancy and baby loss community. She too has lost her son, Christian.
Her amazing artwork is one of a kind, of which I have purchased 3 , now, 5 pieces to date.  Definitely worth a look!

You can find her here:
Instagram: @carlymariedudley

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Talking To Miscarriage Survivors – Do’s & Don’ts

Everyone needs to read this.

Waiting on Sunshine

1.Don’t blame.

 I had someone say they hoped I was “healthy enough for the next baby to survive.” As if somehow I wasn’t taking every precaution and being as healthy as I could? Do not in any way imply that if the mother had exercised more/eaten organic/ran less, etc., that her baby would have lived. This is not her fault, and we have enough guilt overanalyzing everything we did – that if we did something different, this would not have happened.

2.Don’t say “at least…”

       “At least it was early”. I prayed for my baby before I knew he or she existed, and the instant I saw two pink lines, I was in love. It doesn’t matter if she lost her baby at 4 weeks or 40.

-“At least you know you can get pregnant”. Oh, thanks for minimizing my loss. Also, just because this…

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Stormy Weather

















I have received my test results from my HCG blood tests. My hormone levels are decreasing. This means it is most likely a blighted ovum that has given me a positive pregnancy test. I am booked in for a S&C to remove the ‘remains of conception’.

I feel like I am losing my son all over again. While I understand that there is no baby, I am still losing all the hopes and dreams that I let my self to feel again.

I don’t know how to grieve the loss of this baby, of these hopes and dreams that I hold, and still for my son.

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Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad. Designer, New York Times Best Seller, Fashionista. I have followed Lauren’s journey since she was on the first season of Laguna Beach, all those years ago. Since then, she has transformed into more than anyone thought possible. I check in on her website every other day to stay up to date with her latest projects and inspirations.

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