Study tips and tricks

I am in my 7th year of university, so by now you would think I have managed to nail the study techniques… Well, yes and no. Like everything in life, somethings work better for others. That is why, in one of my procrastinations moods, I have decided to share some of my study tips that I employ to make like a little easier.

1. Make a list

One of the best ways to focus your energy onto assignments and readings that matter is to prioritise and organise your workload. I know it can be tempting to write a to-do list with everything on it for the semester and then be completely overwhelmed with the long tasks ahead.  What I do, is make a list of things that need to be done today (or before your next class, like chapter readings and print out lecture notes) and one list for things a bit further down the track, like assignments. This breaks up my day into 2 sections. The first list I can knock over relatively quickly, then I can start tackling the bigger things.  This will help you to zero-in on what you should really be focusing on.

2. Create a wall planner

This simple trick can save your arse. I print out the calendar template from Microsoft Publisher in month format, and write in all my due dates for assignments. There is your semester, right in front of you. This will also help prioritise your workload.

3. Turn off any distractions

Put your phone on the other side of the room, or turn it on silent. Log out of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social media that is soaking up your attention. You need to ration these things out throughout the day to help keep you switched on.

4. Take a hike

Take a walk around the block, down to the shops, or along the beach. Exercise or stretching will promote blood flow to your brain and limbs, which will help you to concentrate.This semester, I am going to try swapping out your desk chair with an exercise ball.

5. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Now I don’t mean that literally. But getting enough rest is essential to helping your brain function at its best. Eating regular, small and nutritious meals can also help fuel your brain for the study slog we face every day. Listen to some music, if that’s your thing, while studying. There have been studies done to show that listening to certain genres of music can actually help you study, and retain information better. Neat!

Photo Credit:, June Sight Photography


She sells sea shells…

I love sea shells around my home, and I love the beach. So, I try and incorporate these into my decor. While I am on a student budget, I source these things for my self.

 This vase of sand and shells is very special to me. I got these from Nelson. To cut a long story short, the day after M and I found out the bad news about our son, we went to the beach in Nelson. This was the only place I felt like it was the 3 of us. We went there to all be together… Oh, and our dog, Titan, tagged along.
Therefore, I wanted to take a part of this place with me, where ever I go. I will always have another part of my son with me.

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